At ODM, We Know Custom Design

Founded in 2007, Trendwoo has evolved from a designer and manufacturer of computer peripherals to a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of Smartphone Accessories, we provide custom, high-density solutions for OEM & ODM, custom enclosures and PCB backplanes, data storage, and integrated accessories.

We offers custom Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services. This means we not only offer custom branding options for our current product lines, we also offer fully-customizable solutions from the foundational design onward.


Experience Talks

 Over 8 years of trusted OEM & ODM experience.

 • A portfolio of over 500 successfully completed OEM & ODM projects.

 The technical know-how that covers a broad spectrum of the Power and Bluetooth industry.

Effective Engineering

• Higher Performance

 Redundant Power Supply

 Thermal Design

 Chassis Design

 Fully-Customizable PCB Backplane Design

Availability & Reliability

 Multiple layers of data redundancy to ensure fast, error-free file delivery

  Big Picture solutions focused on reducing the risk of downtime associated with system failure

Data Protection

 • Redundant backup and recovery capabilities

 Minimizing the risk of data loss with multiple levels of RAID protection

 Encryption and privatization of sensitive data

Your Brand, Your Name

 Multiple style and branding options from the bezel door to the rest of the chassis

  Custom configurations to match and complement your existing product lines and solutions

Making Your Job Easier

 We have experienced sales and engineers, so that we can understand your requirement clearly.

 We have succeeded in more than 500 cases, that means we can improve your project well.

 We have more than 8 years experience in dealing mould factory, so that we can open the mould more effectively.

So work with us, let your job easier.