Persuing Quality and Design
Fashion streamline design improves the overall
bright texture and the resistance, wherever you
put it, it is like a piece of art.
Delicate Treatment
Grill fabric covering and aluminum handle,
splendid and powerful look
Touch and Rotary Control
Fabric Material--Home fashion Style
Selecting high-end custom fabrics, choosing unique material and knitting art from
thousands of fabric textile suppliers, the fabric used for Morgen has a high-end
cloth touch and polishing metal feeling, through the fine craft and European design,
realizing the sense of technology and vintage style.The selected fabric can not
only achieve excellent sound wave penetrating, also can reflect its design aesthetics.
CSR Chipset-- Professional Electronic Frequency Modulation Chip
In the digital signal condition, audio signal can complete the signal division of high and low frequency , effectively prevent sound-distortion, and bring clear, live sound effects.
Nonstop Beautiful Music
Adopt 5000mAh battery supporting 7-8 hours normal playing,
it equals to 100 songs or 6 movies burning time, let Morgen
be there for you always!
Bring it with you when you enjoy your trip to
make you feel more confident!
You can choose Morgen as your top-end decoration at home.


A Variety of color options to meets your needs