• SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    Bluetooth Conference Speaker with wireless charging, compatible with leading platforms and home office

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

    SoundConf Conference speaker

Good experience in small and medium-sized meetings

Dual silicon mics 360°pick up and balance voices in covered area

Two passive radiators make stronger bass

Customize the 47mm driver according to vocal frequency, restore the vocal

360°Pick up the voice within 3 meters

Buit-in DSP dedicated intelligent high-definition voice, 360°Pick up the voice 

within 3 meters, Full-duplex call noise reduction

Clearer conversation

With AEC Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm, Environmental Noise 

suppression algorithm, Voice Enhancement algorithm, makes the call clearer.

Easy connection

Instantly connect to PCs, tablets and smart phone via Bluetooth 5.0 or Type-C USB



Universal compatibility

Supports Android/iOS/Windows/Linux operating systems, supports mobile phones, tablets, computers and other hardware devices. In addition to mobile phone calls, it also supports WeChat, DingTalk, Tencent conference, skype, FaceTime, zoom and other voice call software


Foldable holder

The foldable mobile phone holder design is suitable for watching movie, video chatting, online learning, work meeting, live streaming and etc


Wireless charging

Enjoy up your meetings without interrupted caused by out of battery


Bluetooth version: 5.0

Transmission Distance: 10m

DSP Audio processing

HD sound card decoding

Charging time: 3 hours

Talking time:  10~20 hours

Speaker unit:  47mm , 8W*2/4Ω

Battery capacity: 3600mAh

S/N ratio: ≥70dB

Charging current: 5V/1A

Size:  200*200*50mm

Weight: 580g ± 10g

Bluetooth conference speaker is a portable speaker designed for holding audio conferences over Bluetooth connections. Wireless conference speaker features powerful audio output, built-in microphones, and compatibility with multiple devices to enhance conference audio quality and clarity.

Bluetooth conference speaker features: 

1. Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth conference speakers use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to phones, tablets, and computers without the need for cords or cables.

2. Powerful Audio Output: Portable conference speakers are designed to deliver high-quality audio output with precise highs, mids, and lows that enhance the audio quality of conference calls. 

3. Built-in Microphones: Wireless conference speaker has built-in microphones for capturing audio from each participant in the conference call, providing a much clearer audio experience.

4. Voice Assistant Compatibility: Bluetooth conference speakers are voice assistant compatible and allow users to conduct calls using voice commands, providing a more hands-free experience. 

5. Multiple Device Connectivity: Bluetooth speakers for meetings are designed to connect and work with multiple devices simultaneously, making them ideal for use in large conference rooms. 

6. Portable Design: Portable conference speakers are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and use in different locations. 

Bluetooth conference speaker applications: 

Bluetooth conference speakers from Trendwoo are suitable for a wide range of conferencing applications. Bluetooth speakerphone for office are widely used in small and large conference meetings, boardroom discussions, online learning sessions, and online webinars. Their portable design makes them ideal for outdoor or remote events, enhancing the audio experience while reducing the need for wires and cables. Bluetooth meeting speakers are also suitable for use in educational and training environments, where they enhance audio clarity and ensure that every participant can hear the instructions or discussions without any distortion. If you are looking for best bluetooth conference speakerphone from trusted supplier, welcome to contact us for detailed information!

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